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Under LL Global Fund Series SICAV plc. we provide a flexible, cost efficient and time saving process for the setting up, licensing and administration of individual sub-funds – startup funds as well as redomiciliation of existing funds.
Currently the following sub-funds are registered under the umbrella:
˪ Funds sponsored by LL Capital & Partners Ltd.
  LL Premium Option Fund
˪ Funds sponsored by third parties

The key motivator and the unique proposition behind the Profession Partnership Program is
˪ to offer an existing legal and regulatory set up for experienced financial advisory and wealth management professionals
˪ who want to break away from their current position
˪ to operate in an environment that comes as close as possible to running their own business
˪ with facilitating a timely and smooth transition process of client relationships
The Professional Partnership Program offers a perfect fit for individuals and/or teams
˪ who, in a new environment, want to continue with their current successful business model (including location, target market, product range, external partners, etc.)
˪ who wish to upgrade their current business model by adding complementary services and additional competencies, products and/or strategies
˪ who value a quick and smooth transition of their existing business relationships and an easy continuation of their investment process due to the fact that all legal, financial and regulatory requirements are already in place
Within the unique setup of the Professional Partnership Program we value entrepreneurship as well as experience gained from past successes. We therefore strive to provide as much flexibility as possible to reflect the individual character of business models operated by our Professional Partners.