˪ Private Banking, Wealth Management and Family Office professionals (individuals and teams) with several years of experience and an established client network

Operating within the member states of the European Union (selectively also outside)

˪ Wishing to break away from their current position and servicing their clients under an independent licensed structure

Entrepreneurial spirit with performance and success driven mentality for the benefit of their clients and themselves

  For a discrete discussion contact:

    Mag. Johann Langgassner
    Managing Director

    P:  +356.27880.221
    M: +43.664.241.9359


˪ Entrepreneurial Partnership Program (as close as it can get to running your own business)
˪ backed by the umbrella and trade mark of a European regulated investment firm
˪ highly motivating performance related income and compensation schemes
˪ high degree of freedom and flexibility
˪ corporate infrastructure (administration,regulatory and licensing issues, legal, logistics, middle and back office)
˪ support in client migration and facilitating set up of members portfolios and operations
˪ global partner network to supplement/expand your service offerings (optional)
˪ top level asset structuring and wealth management competence to support your activities (optional)
˪ proven and time tested investment products and strategies for wealthy clients (optional)
Individualized Professional Partnership Agreements, tailor made to your preferred business model

˪ Entrepreneurial Partnership Model – tailor made to your individual situation and specific business model requirements
˪ Full flexibility with respect to location of your business, target markets, client segments, partner banks, investment products and strategies
˪ Timely and smooth transition of your existing business relationships for seamless business continuation
˪ Focus on core activities while resting assured that all relevant support functions are handled professionally
˪ Focus on strengths of your business model and drawing on competencies of the group for expanding your offerings
˪ Highly motivational, tax efficient performance and success oriented income and compensation models with no limit to the upside